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Experience Authentic Asian Cuisine at Honolulu Noodle & Co. and Shanghai Bar

Honolulu Noodle & Co. introduces authentic Taiwanese ramen cuisine to Hawaii. Featuring a 48-hour braised bone broth, our signature beef noodles, comes with your choice of thin or wide noodles, tender beer, beef tendon and beef tripe.

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Cheap Eats Udon Yama

Guy Hagi checks out an affordable udon place in Waikiki for those looking to get that noodle fix.

QSR Magazine
Asian Food Hall STIX Asia Opens in Waikiki, Hawaii

Waikiki is back, fresher and more vibrant than ever and ready to welcome visitors back to the islands. Like the rest of the world, the pandemic rocked Waikiki as the neighborhood experienced a dramatic shift from a bustling tourist hotspot to dead-quiet and empty streets for nearly two years.

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Stix Asia Food Hall Brings 17 New Asian Restaurants to Waikīkī

Formerly Waikīkī Yokocho, this new gourmet food hall has everything from handmade udon from Japan to Korean street food — all in one place.

Hawaii's Kitchen: Stix Asia Pt. 2

In today’s Hawaii’s kitchen, Kelly went on the road to check out some of the new spots at Stix Asia in Waikiki. Honolulu Noodle & Co. introduces authentic Taiwanese ramen cuisine to Waikiki, and the Shanghai Bar takes you back in time with a great ambience and drink menu.

Hawaii Nisumu
A Special Talk: Making An Asian Food Hall In Waikiki

A new food hall was born on the first basement floor of the Waikiki Shopping Plaza in the center of Waikiki. Its name is “STIX ASIA Waikiki”.

STIX ASIA Waikiki opens on the site of Waikiki Yokocho!

Introducing all the shops in "STIX Asia Waikiki", which was completed on the site of Waikiki Yokocho on the first basement floor of the Waikiki Shopping Plaza in the center of Waikiki! There are a total of 17 stores, including those that have already opened and those that will open in the future.

Travel Weekly
New places to eat in Waikiki

Being a major tourist destination in Hawaii, Waikiki is always reinventing itself, with hotels being renovated and rebranded or new spaces filled with exciting additions.

Poohko Hawaii
Sticks Asia opens in Waikiki!

Hawaii's newest gourmet food hall , STIX ASIA , opened February 4 in Waikiki as a cultural hub for food and education. The place is the space that used to be Waikiki Yokocho .

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Grand opening of Asian food hall STIX ASIA on the site of Waikiki Yokocho!

STIX ASIA, which had a soft opening, has finally made its grand opening.

Aloha Street
Visiting Hawaii's Newest Asian Food Hall

On February 4th (Sat), the long-awaited Asian food hall “Stix Asia ” will open on the first basement floor of Waikiki Shopping Plaza on the site of Waikiki Yokocho.

Frolic Hawaii
Stix Asia Food Hall Now Open With 13 Restaurants in Waikīkī

Waikīkī's revamped Asian food hall grand opens today with discounts and deals at select restaurants.

PBN Hawaii
New Food Hall, STIX Asia, opens in Waikiki

The new dining destination with 17 curated restaurants and eateries featuring food from Japan, Taiwan, China, Korea and Singapore celebrates its grand opening on Feb. 4.