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We are a new food hall concept dedicated to quality Asian cuisine. With 17 restaurants and eateries under one roof, you’ll work in an upbeat environment serving both kamaaina and visitors. Whether you’re an experienced cook or looking for your first job, there are opportunities for you to consider at STIX. If you have a positive outlook and want to help us provide quality food and excellent customer service, please browse our job openings and apply today.

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Ramen Akatsuki logo in gold and black

Indulge in our handmade ramen swimming in Tonkotsu-style broth for an unforgettable flavor journey.

honolulu noodle & co logo

Savor unique Taiwanese cuisine with a Western twist, featuring exotic flavors, 48-hour braised bone broth, and more. 

Red and Black Gashoken Logo

Authentic Kobe-Tonkotsu Ramen, a Japanese culinary treasure with true-to-roots flavors.

Red and Black Baikohken logo

Famous Asahikawa ramen from Hokkaido also featured in the Michelin guide.

Nana's Green Tea logo in black

A top choice among Japanese cafés, with over 80 locations throughout Japan! Nana’s exquisitely crafted teas and tantalizingly frosty desserts.

AO gelato logo in green and yellow

Savor our locally sourced and crafted tea blends, featuring a fusion of tantalizing tropical fruits and top-notch varieties. 

Black and Red Kiki Tempura Logo

Dedication of premium ingredients providing sumptuous tender, light and crispy textures in our traditional Japanese Tempura.

Shingen Logo in Black and red

Traditional Japanese dishes with fresh, and masterfully made buck-wheat flour soba.

Tangmi logo in black and red

Experience an unforgettable fusion of Western and Hong Kong cuisine at HK Cafe, where unique flavors and textures create lasting memories.

Nabe Aina logo in black and red

Immerse yourself in an authentic Pan-Pacific Asian dining experience, featuring premium Wagyu Beef at an excellent value. 

K Street food logo in orange

Experience the mouth-watering flavors of traditional Korean street food, all in one place with our delicious selection.

Cafe nala logo in green

Enjoy comfort food with a Southern and Local Asian twist, featuring famous dishes like “Xiao Long Bao” and croffles.

Udon Yama logo on white background and red graphic

Homemade Udon from renowned family broth recipe and delicious tempura specialties from Kagawa, Japan.

Sushi matsuri logo in green and white

Experience a satisfying and authentic culinary journey with meticulously selected rice, natural soy sauce, and seaweed from Japan.

Nanamusubi in purple and yellow

Experience a sensory feast with our Musubis, crafted using the finest organic rice and ingredients, boasting natural aroma and divine flavors.

black and white logo for shanghai bar

Indulge in an exquisite adventure at our elegant realm, blending chic vibes with innovative Asian-inspired cocktails.