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We are a new food hall concept dedicated to quality Asian cuisine. With 17 restaurants and eateries under one roof, you’ll work in an upbeat environment serving both kamaaina and visitors. Whether you’re an experienced cook or looking for your first job, there are opportunities for you to consider at STIX. If you have a positive outlook and want to help us provide quality food and excellent customer service, please browse our job openings and apply today.

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Ramen Akatsuki logo in gold and black

Experience the sensational flavors of a unique Tonkotsu style broth and handmade ramen noodles.

honolulu noodle & co logo

World class authentic Taiwanese cuisine uniquely fused with western and Hawaiian flavors.

Gashoken logo with white background and black and red graphics

Tonkotsu Ramen with an exclusive and genuine broth.

Baikohken logo on white background with red and black graphics

Established in Hokkaido in 1969, Baikohken is featured in the Michelin guide with their "W-Soup" based ramen

Nana's Green Tea logo in black and white

Authentic flavor of premium matcha from Japan infused in specialty teas and frozen desserts.

AO Gelato with white background and green and yellow graphics

A delightful combination of tropical fruit and premium teas in locally made gelato.

Kiki's tempura logo in black, white and red.

Tender, light and crispy textures of traditional Japanese tempura.

Traditional Japanese dishes with fresh, and masterfully made buckwheat flour soba.

Southeast Asian street food combining spices, herbs, and fresh ingredients that create a deep and complex flavor.

Nabe Aina logo with white background and red and black graphics.

Collection of PanPacific hotpots that accentuates flavors from various cultures that harmonize with a signature golden broth.

K Street food logo in orange

Featuring a popular selection of the tastiest traditional Korean street food!

Island style cafe featuring one of a kind, locally made "Rainbow" bagels, gelatos and home grown coffee.

Love and eel's logo in black and white

Authentic and masterfully prepared Japanese Unagi Don.

Udon Yama logo on white background and red graphic

Fresh homemade Udon, with a renown family broth recipe and  tempura specialties reminiscent of Kagawa, Japan.

Omakase-Sushi Concept from Setouchi, Japan. Enjoy a variety of exciting maki-sushi and tempura offerings.

Musubis using organic rice and allows the natural aroma & flavors to shine.

Shanghai bar logo in black and white

Innovative Asian cocktails and drinks in an sophisticated and upscale atmosphere.