"Food is the best purest example and expression of an entire culture and cultural regional identity."

Anthony Bourdain

Food & Education

A Gateway of Cultural Exchange

Hawaii is Asia's melting pot, and STIX ASIA is the epicenter for cultural exchange through its food and education. Each guest will leave STIX ASIA with a love for newly found Asian cuisine and a more profound knowledge of its cultural roots. Have a meal and absorb the aroma, sights, and sounds of dining at STIX ASIA. Your tastebuds will tingle as you explore cuisine from various countries, each offering a peek at its rich culture and history, ultimately expanding your horizons.

In the heart of waikiki

An Authentic Asian Food Hall

Let your tastebuds do the traveling. From a world-class taste of Taiwan to a slice of Singapore, the sights, sounds, and smells will transport you to another country half a world away. The food is entirely authentic. Many chefs bring you their original recipes popular in their own countries. Ask questions. Immerse yourself in the culture. Indulge in the cuisine. Revel in the entire experience that will leave you wanting to return for more.




STIX ASIA Waikiki Owner

Expanding globally
Owner of Stix Asia, Mr. Hideyuki Takahashi

Mr. Hideyuki Takahashi

Mr. Takahashi is a visionary leader in the restaurant and amusement sectors of Japan and Southeast Asia, managing the Vegas Vegas Group to bring unparalleled entertainment experiences worldwide.

His most recent project STIX ASIA Waikiki marks an ambitious effort to take his food-entertainment expertise global while bringing joy to people around the world.